The Aussie is an intelligent, friendly little dog that is obedient and agile. They are very anxious to please and make good watchdogs. They are not yappy, as some of the small dogs can be, but will bark if necessary.


The Australian Terrier was created in Australia by the British in the early 19th century. They were bred from terriers imported from northern England and Scotland. Their jobs included guarding mines and sheep.

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Ht: 10" - 10"
Wt: 10 lbs - 14 lbs
Ht: 10" - 10"
Wt: 14 lbs - 14 lbs
Size: Small
Barking: Medium
Energy: Medium
Coat: Short/Medium
Shedding: Little
Suitability for Children: Medium
Other Animal Compatibility: Medium

Un-Mighty Foods

Some foods you should never feed your small dog, like chocolate, coffee, grapes and mushrooms.

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