The Boston is a lively and intelligent little dog that can be quite determined and strong willed. They are very good with children and make ideal house dogs. They love to play and can be quite boisterous. They also make excellent watch dogs, and are not yappy about it.


In the 19th century, the Boston Terrier was a cross between an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier. In 1893, the breed was further crossed with the English Bull Terrier, the Boxer and the Pit Bull Terrier. Originally, Bostons weighed over 44 pounds, but they were bred smaller and smaller until they became the size we know and love today.

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Ht: 15" - 17"
Wt: 10 lbs - 25 lbs
Ht: 15" - 17"
Wt: 10 lbs - 25 lbs
Size: Small
Barking: Medium
Energy: Low
Coat: Short/Smooth
Shedding: Little
Suitability for Children: High
Other Animal Compatibility: Medium

Un-Mighty Foods

Some foods you should never feed your small dog, like chocolate, coffee, grapes and mushrooms.

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