The French Bulldog is a popular lap dog often described as "a clown in the cloak of a philosopher." They are affectionate and present an even disposition. They are playful and full of life. They are alert to their surroundings and often warn owners to danger; yet they are not unduly boisterous.


In 19th Century England, bulldogs were selectively bred to be downsized and used as a lap pet. These smaller “toy” bulldogs were owned primarily by Lacemakers who were displaced to France by the Industrial Revolution. Becoming popular throughout France over the 1800’s, they soon became known as French Bulldogs.

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Ht: 12"
Wt: 19 lbs - 28 lbs
Ht: 12"
Wt: 19 lbs - 28 lbs
Size: Small
Coat: Short
Shedding: Average

Un-Mighty Foods

Some foods you should never feed your small dog, like chocolate, coffee, grapes and mushrooms.

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