The Pembroke Corgi is an intelligent little dog. They are obedient and loyal to the family. They do get along well with children, as long as they are treated with respect. Pembrokes are ideally suited to the active family. They should be socialized and trained at an early age.


Records have been discovered that state the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has existed in the UK since at least 920 AD. They are thought to have been brought to Wales by the Flemish weavers. They were very popular in the 14th to the 18th centuries as cattle drovers.

All Breeds
Ht: 10" - 12"
Wt: 22 lbs - 24 lbs
Ht: 10" - 12"
Wt: 22 lbs - 26 lbs
Size: Small
Barking: Low
Energy: Medium
Coat: Short/Medium
Shedding: Moderate
Suitability for Children: High
Other Animal Compatibility: Medium

Un-Mighty Foods

Some foods you should never feed your small dog, like chocolate, coffee, grapes and mushrooms.

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